Branding, Visual Content & Website

We need to look fresh and stand out from the traditional industrial competition while showcasing our products digitally.

We were given 3 main goals to achieve. First to design a simple and fresh unified brand for 6 companies under the Reda group. Second was to produce visual content that showcases the products and services for each division as the current content has been outdated. Third was to Develop an interactive and eye-catching website integrated with CMS to help increase sales by showcasing all the products and services of the divisions within the group.

30 %
Sales increased
12 %
Leads increased
15 %
Bounce rate

Branding: We used the inspiration of highway roads to create a brand for each division, by implementing the same colors and form for each brand individually, that unifies the whole brand together.

Visual Content: We stationed our team in the factories for a full production journey of each process in Saudi Arabia, to ensure that we captured every product and service to help potential customers understand the whole manufacturing process, and what really goes into manufacturing roads safety products.

Website: We used Web-GL and modern UI to bring the website to life. Showcasing all the divisions and products with no-dead ends. We also integrated CMS ( Wordpress ) to allow the client to fully manage the website and maintain it properly. We also optimized the site for SEO and integrated custom google analytics into the custom admin panel.


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