Water Beverage
UI/UX, Mobile App

We need to design a mobile app experience for our new on demand water delivery service.

As a leading water brand in the UAE since 1984, Oasis have always placed quality, innovation, and community at the heart of their business. Oasis believes in ‘Together for Good’ means that they always adhere to the highest safety and hygiene standards, champion environmentally-conscious practices throughout their operational processes and continue to enhance their customer experience through improved levels of efficiency and responsiveness.

The project was a water delivery app for Oasis products that could potentially replace the old school call for delivery. Not only it will make the delivery process more efficient, Oasis can save costs on call centre, transportation, and man-hour.


Faster experience


Enhanced UI


Quicker System

We started only with iOS version for the first prototype and we followed the brand guidelines provided to develop the overall theme of the app. We designed a very intuitive interphase for customers, that allowed them to easily select the product by swimming left or right and add to basket. We also added features like re-order previous orders as well as coupon validation. We also designed the system for the drivers that bundled orders based on different regions and allowed the drivers to easily see stacks of orders based on proximity, that optimized delivery routes.

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