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We want to build an app that makes on-demand home maintenance services simple and convenient.

With a growing demand of home services in the region, we worked with an entrepreneurial team to build a home service app that specifically designed for Saudi Arabia and the MiddleEast market.

The challenge of this project is the target audiences. We needed to make sure that anyone from the wide range of audience will find the app easy to navigate and use. Although users in the Middle East are becoming more tech savvy, the experience has to be quick and straight to the point, we needed to make sure that we integrate different technologies that can help facilitate in selecting the service required to choosing the vendor of choice, to tracking and completing the order for both users and maintenance vendors.


Faster experience


Enhanced UI


Quicker System

Our solution was to make the experience as simple as possible, and that lead us to develop an AI chatbot experience. AI Chatbot is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods using artificial intelligence and then it links the users to real vendors as the conversation continues.

Our design allows users to interact with the AI bot, and match them with the appropriate service vendor all in one chat. We also designed the main screen very similar to a users current contact list, in which they can select from a range of services as you would select a contact from your phone list. We realized that the science behind human psychology is once a person needs anything they usually try to find the best contact to complete the task, so a user would have a plumber contact, a driver contact, a maid contact and so on. Therefore as soon as you open the app it will allow you to select the service and it will effectively connect you using AI to the vendor who will complete your task. We developed also the vendor apps to accept requests and the admin that will manage the whole operations from sales, users and finance.

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