Grey Goose

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We are looking for a unique in-store glorifying display for our new VS premium vodka.

Grey Goose is know for its premium vodka products, and recently launched a new ultra-premium product that is vodka with a hint of premium cognac. This beverage is perfect for the sophisticated consumers that enjoy the fine things in life.

We were challenged to design and build a display that will stand out and communicate to the target premium shoppers across all alcohol outlets in the UAE. The goal was to produce a premium posm stand that digitally communicated in less than 30 seconds the features and sophistication of the new Grey Goose.


Sell Out


Sales Increase


In-Store Penetration

We designed and produced a digital point of sale display, that was embedded with a transparent screen that caught the eye of every single shopper walking into the outlet stores. We 3d mapped the actual bottle and created a 3D illusion of a drop of cognac revealing the new product, which transformed the glorified bottle into a digital masterpiece with the 3D animated geese soaring around the bottle. Simple and Genius.

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