Techmas Tree

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DXBEE Media introduced the world’s first Christmas Tree! Developing a Christmas tree with an extremely modern twist, our digital agency was able to create both an online and real-world community that encapsulated the diverse customs in which Canadians celebrate the holidays; while also spreading Christmas joy through personalized messages.




Looking to develop an innovative Holiday campaign to heighten online reach and engagement during the holidays. The goal was to ultimately create organic online engagement a the end of the year, which would in turn lead to further brand affinity into the new year.




Create an inclusive campaign that promotes the feeling of belonging and sharing during the holidays. After much brainstorming our team of digital strategists realized that a large part of Christmas celebrations happen surrounding the Christmas tree, the iconic symbol for the holidays. Therefore, we developed Techmas Tree, an interactive Christmas tree that was decorated with technology devices instead of traditional ornaments. This created an opportunity for user generated content both in establishments and online. Offering the ability to decorate the Christmas tree with user generated content while viewing the tree live in person while shopping at the mall, provided immediate gratification for passerbyers, while developing an online component provided the ability to share their experiences with online communities.




When audiences used #TechmasTree on their instagram images and tweets, the content was automatically broadcasted onto the devices decorating the tree, and on the official Techmas Tree website –


We developed an easy to customize backend panel, to access information including campaign analytics such as hashtag usage and sentiments, and even filter content based on stop words such as bad language.


For increased exposure we reached out to local tech bloggers including InnoHub and Blog TO


In order to provide more of an incentive to participate in the campaign, we provided weekly giveaways to users with the week’s most engaging post.



During the 3-week long campaign we received the following results




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