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Empower: The Campaign for Northeastern University is about people empowering people. Fueled by the “power of we”—alumni, parents, friends, faculty, students, and staff, corporate and industry partners— students and faculty master and create knowledge that improves lives.




Northeastern kicked off the Empower campaign on a global scale, hosting events in 13 different countries across the world. When hosting their event in Dubai, UAE, known for being the world’s The goal was to both entertain and recruit potential students, to attend Northeastern university.






Placing our focus on entertaining potential students, using immersive technology, we showcased our Picsel Photobooth, digital table, and launched an interactive simulation using 3D mapping projection. Together, all of these technologies would encourage engagement amongst students, while allowing them to gather more information about Northeastern University, and share their experience with friends online.




3D Projection Mapping

To honour and bring awareness to the 13 Empower events being held across the world, DXBEE Media created a 3D projection of the globe. This simulation a nearby iPad kiosk, with options for viewers to select one of the empower event locations around the world, and have content from each event location projected right onto the revolving globe.




Picsel Photobooth

Photo booths have become a popular event commodity and a great method for encouraging guests to share their event experiences online. We set up our Picsel Photobooth, allowing guests to capture images, as well as print and share the images online, with the Empower logo overlaid on every photo. We were also able to gather crucial event analytics based, and gather contact information for leads on potential students.







Building a custom interactive table display, we broadcasted the official Empower campaign and NorthEastern university recruitment videos. This allowed attendants the opportunity to mingle and network at various seating areas throughout the event, while being marketed to via the interactive coffe tables strategically placed at these areas.



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