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McDonald’s launched a brand new touchscreen kiosk in it’s Kuwait restaurants, allowing restaurant goers to build their very own gourmet burger.




Launching these brand new touchscreen kiosk in their restaurants, they wanted to build buzz around it, hosting a launch event to be attended by local influencers. McDonald’s needed to add an online component to their event, to allow influencers to share their experience and spread the buzz in real-time.




We designed a custom Buzzpoint social feed for McDonald’s Kuwait. Using illustrations of the variations of burgers that can be made through the kiosks – tweets and instagram posts that included the official #CYTKuwait hashtag appeared to come out of the burger, and take up the screen.





Kuwaiti social media influencers received a custom invitation package, complete with a customized chef hat adorned with the McDonald’s Golden Arch, as well as a card including their twitter username, the official #CTKuwait hashtag, and brief information about the VIP event.


Once at the event, the VIP digital influencers were able to share their event experience, as well as be the first to unveil the touchscreen custom burger technology introduced at Kuwait McDonald’s.




Through only inviting VIP digital influencers and having them share their event experience through our buzzpoint live social media wall and online via the hashtag, we were able to reach over 10 million people via social media.

During the event the official hashtag #CYTKuwait was included in nearly 400 instagram pictures, and 100 tweets.

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