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Parfums M. Micallef is a luxury perfume house, founded in Grasse, France in 1996.There was a huge demand for M. Micallef perfumes to be sold in the GCC leading to M. Micallef launching three stand-alone boutique locations in the UAE. When they approached us to have their boutique website designed, they had two initial issues:

The original website was not accessible via mobile devices, leading to a loss in traffic and lowered search results.

They wanted to seamlessly transition website visitors located in the GCC to the boutique website.




We developed a responsive website that is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. In order to create an undetectable transition for viewers in the Middle East, we automatically rerouted Middle Eastern IP addresses to the boutique website. Integrating social media, and influencer marketing served in heightening the SEO, and overall increasing search results.


Our team of digital strategists took Micallef’s online presence one step further by helping to build traffic towards the new website, using effective connecting marketing. Through paid digital advertising and organic earned media, we were able to convert traffic to the website.
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