He For She

Interactive Stand


HeForShe is a global gender equality campaign created by the UN Women organization. Dedicated to equality and the empowerment of women, the movement brings events, and conferences to all parts of the world.


With the goal of creating an interactive display that would encourage male mall-goers to spread messages of love and support to the women in their lives, DXBEE Media created the following concepts to introduce the HeforShe movement to this region:

Concept 1: Wall of Affection


Creating a large display wall in the mall, there will be kiosks situated around the display wall. Mall patrons will be encouraged to type messages of appreciation to the women in their lives. Messages are displayed on the large displays so that all passerbyers can see the words of encouragement and appreciation for women, triggering them to add their messaging as well.


Participants need not wait for a kiosk to become available in order to share their message, simply using #HeForSheME they can share their messages on Twitter and Instagram, having them automatically displayed on the Wall of Affection as well. Once a new message is added, it will scroll across the screen in a large scale for 30 seconds, after which it will drift into the background create a cloud of encouraging messages.

Concept 2: Humanity’s Pulse

Creating a large display wall in the mall, there will be kiosks situated around the display wall. Patrons can either to choose display messages of encouragement and appreciation towards women using the kiosk or via social media using #HeForSheME

With a heart displayed on the screen, each new message added to the display from participants will be highlighted in a large scale on the screen, and later be added to the heart causing it grow larger, pulse faster and glow brighter. The goal is to have enough patrons enough to submit their messages to make the heart glow brilliantly.

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