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Google is a world renowned digital brand that business are often unaware of how to take full advantage of their multiple, powerful tools. In preparation for their Think Auto event in Toronto, Canada, they approached us to create a custom solution for soliciting more buzz for their suite of tools. Executives from automotive brands across Canada would be attending their annual Think Auto conference, and our goal was to educate these executives on the various ways that digital platforms can drive automotive sales, using an interactive display


We designed and constructed a multi-screen interactive display, branded with the Google logo. Near the display we placed an ipad with each auto company’s name listed. When an executive selected their company name on the ipad, the multi-screen immediately displayed their google results across 6 screens; showing their Google web search results, Google mobile search results, company website, company mobile website, company Youtube channel and company Google+ page.









As a result our custom solution elicited an increase in Google ad spend, as companies were able to see exactly where their digital presence was falling short in addition to how they stood in comparison to their competition.

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