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EarthFruits Yogurt (EFY) is a healthy, stand-alone frozen yogurt store, newly opened in Dubai.


EarthFruits Yogurt UAE was lacking a cohesive digital brand identity. Their social networks included stock images, low-quality smartphone images, and no brand story or calls to action.


The Solution:

We developed and executed a digital campaign for the summer season in order to appeal to the younger demographic who would be out of school looking for places to hang out, visiting during summer holidays, and appeal to business people working within the vicinity of the frozen yogurt shop, looking for a place to take a break.

The Execution:

Storyboarding: Creating colourful, cheerful and charismatic imagery using EFY’s actual flavours and toppings to create a storyline.
Photoshoot: Taking advantage of natural lighting and direct studio lights, we were able to bring inanimate food items alive with a mixture of DIY crafts and props!



Digital Planning: Developing the campaign for the 3 months of summer as well as teasing the back-to-school season, we used the images across social channels including the Facebook banner, Twitter header, animated Instagram gifs, and even spontaneous content to reply to fans.



The Result:

After having created these beautiful assets to be used on all of EFY’s digital platforms we received an engagement increase from only 500 impressions a month to 150,900 after having published the new content.


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