Akowa M.Micallef

Online Marketing Campaign

Parfums M. Micallef is a luxury perfume house, founded in Grasse, France in 1996. The UAE Boutiques would be launching their latest men’s fragrance, AKOWA, in the Middle East.




With the launch of AKOWA, M Micallef wanted to use this as an opportunity to both raise awareness of their boutiques located in the UAE, and build the boutique’s social media reach, targeting countries within the GCC.





In order to raise awareness of the new fragrances and boutiques, we collaborated with local online influencers who had up to one million followers on instagram. Using their celebrity, we were able to spread awareness of the M Micallef brand, and encourage their fans to visit boutiques to experience the new AKOWA fragrance.






Influencer Campaign

We produced a brief 30 second video, featuring dark colours, and short clips to illustrate the mystery of the parfum. This 30 second video was showcased in a compact video brochure, that featured the video on one side, and a description of the AKOWA perfume, the official hashtag, Boutique M Micallef’s social media links and when it would be launching at UAE boutiques. These video brochures, along with the AKOWA fragrance for men, and a bonus women’s fragrance, were sent out to ten influencers throughout the GCC.



The 30 second video was used as digital advertising material on Facebook and Instagram. A modified version was created for YouTube, inviting viewers to win a personalized bottle of the AKOWA fragrance. Audiences were able to click on the YouTube advertisement and directly access an AKOWA microsite to input their contact information, for a chance to win.





As a outcome of the campaign initiatives, we were able to garner the following results




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