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As consumers evolve, it is becoming increasingly important that brands possess an immersive digital presence. Your online presence is your largest brand identifier and will probably be the first place potential customers research your products and services.

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This is the foundation of your digital presence, as it directs your user experience, digital branding, and creative content moving forward. We join forces with you to build upon your brand vision, creating visually stimulating content that illustrates your messaging.


This is the point of attraction as it drives audiences towards the stimulating content you produced during our Creation phase. We create targeted, measurable content marketing strategies and campaigns; that amplify your message to your specific audience. Working with our content marketing strategists, your social and overall digital reach will be exponentially greater.


Revolutionizing your approach is vital. Regardless of the quality of your brand or service, it is virtually impossible to outshine your competition without introducing innovative tactics; both online and offline. The new consumer expects personalized, interactive products & services.
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Mahmoud Atteya


A Mastermind in selling strategies and building long lasting relationships. He works day and night to bring our technologies into international markets and making sure targets are being met.

Tarek Atteya

Co-Founder, COO

Through years of international operations management, Tarek has taken DXBEE Media from an innovative idea to a trusted and cutting-edge digital media house.

Roni Fares

Co-Founder, Innovation Director

Roni, with his globe-trotting lifestyle knows how to conceptualize and fuse technology into many facets of life. He thinks of ways of introducing our solutions into business verticals.

Dominique Bennett

Digital Strategist

As an award-winning transmedia storyteller, Dominique flourishes in educating people on how to get their products and services in front of audiences. Raised in Canada’s digital hub, she thrives in less than 140 characters.

Nathan Gao

Head of UI/UX Design

There is an art to mastering simplicity while consistently achieving pixel perfection. With years of experience in UI Design, Nathan has traveled across continents allowing him to master these exact skills.

Hassam Tariq

Motion Designer

Hassam thrives in bringing out visual artistry in every facet of his life. From his expert skills in motion design, to recreational photography, Hassam’s mission is clear - consistently produce beautiful content.

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